Peterson Bookkeeping is dedicated to the memory of my mother

Helen Anna Peterson

In loving memory of my mother, Helen Anna Peterson (f.k.a. Pete): July 14, 1927 - July 19, 2006. My mother studied business at Husson University and spent several years providing office services to local businesses when she was a young wife and mother. She was always proud of me and she would be proud of the fact that I run my own bookkeeping business.

"I love you, Mom. I will never forget you." --Julie M. Watkins, Owner


by Julie Watkins

It must have been the first night
You ever worked on my birthday
I watched you leave, peering through
The blinds of the kitchen window
And I cried

Teaching Joann and I to embroider
After our baths on a Saturday night
Linda watched, too little to hold a needle
Our hair still wet sitting by the kerosene
Stove in the kitchen making neat stitches
On our potholders of dancing tea cups and saucers

Making hot cocoa on the kitchen stove using real
Hershey's cocoa and milk while we skated on the pond
In the moonlight and rode our toboggan behind
Perry's snowmobile coming inside dripping snow and water
everywhere our mittens lined up on the drying rack
Over the heat vent

Crumpled and broken
After hearing from the state troopers that
Perry had been killed by a hit and run driver

Just down the road from me
Waiting to hear on a snowy day that I
Was heading down to clean off her car
And shovel the snow from the steps and
and away from her barn door and mailbox

Leaving me a teardrop stained note
to tell me that her
Beautiful white kitty named Susie had been
Killed in the road and would I please come down
And help her bury her

Gone forever
But never forgotten