Don't Lose Thousands of Dollars by Operating Blind

A business owner went out of business after 15 short months. She couldn't make ends meet and owed money to several different vendors. She hired me to enter her data into QuickBooks so she could file her taxes, which were three years late. When I had completed the task of entering her records, I found she had a negative Net Income of about $25,000.

Don't Lose Thousands of Dollars by Running Blind

She seemed justified in closing her business. However, one of the largest expenses on her books was for bank fees on returned checks. These banks fees totaled over $14,000. This business owner lost thousands of dollars because she could not see her complete financial picture. Had she kept timely records, she could have known her total income and expenses and avoided this unnecessary expense.

Don't lose thousands of dollars by running blind. With accurate and timely record keeping by Peterson Bookkeeping, you can see your complete financial picture and keep from incurring unnecessary expenses. Knowing where you stand financially will allow you to make sound financial decisions so you can become a successful business owner.

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